July 8, 2020

7 Thought Provoking Things from The Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster, maybe smarter than we give credit?

Lobsters are mermaids to Scorpions.
It’s weird that we cook bacon and bake cookies.
Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.
Surley if tomato is a fruid then that makes ketchup a jam.
Cookie dough is the sushi of desserts.
Onion rings are vegetable donuts.
Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake.

Put the Elderly in Prison

Put the Elderly in Prison

Put The Elderly In Prison

We should place the elderly in prisons because they will get a shower every day, video surveillance in case of problems, three meals a day, access to a library, computer, TV, ghm, doctors on site, and free medication if needed.

Put the criminals in nursing homes and they will get cold meals, lights off at 7pm, two showers a week live in a smaller room and pay rent at $4000 a month!

It’s pretty sad that we treat prisoners better than the elderly.

End Call

I guess you have to be a little older to appreciate this one.

End Call

I miss being able to slam My phone down when I hang up on somebody. Violently pressing “End Call” just doesn’t do it for me!

Chinese Tattoo


This is what it would be like of Chinese people tattooed random English words on themselves.



Askhole – A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them


You can tell monopoloy is an old game because there is a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail.