July 8, 2020

Lift Your Hat

left your hat

A man was sunbathing naked at the beach.

For the sake of civility, and to keep it from getting sunburned he had a hat over his privates.

A woman walks past and says, snickering, “If you were a gentleman you’d lift your hat.”

He raised an eyebrow and replied, “If you weren’t so ugly, it would lift itself.”

Nothing But A T-Shirt

The differences when a woman wears nothing but a t-shirt and a man wears nothing but a t-shirt.

nothing but a t-shirt

What Came First


What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Well I guess we finally answered that question.

Bra Sizes

Bra Sizes
Bra Sizes

Bra Sizes

A – Almost boobs

B – Barely boobs

C – Cant complain

D – Dang

DD- Double Dang

E – Enourmous

F – Fake

G = Get a reduction

H – Help me I’ve fallen and cant get up