August 9, 2020

Fake Seatbelt Shirt

The fact that this even exists surprises me a little. A lot of places it is illegal to drive without a seat belt on. Now that being said you should use your seat belt but I guess if you really don’t want to you could buy this shirt and wear it.

Check out our Friend

So I know you all like being entertained. A buddy of mine recently started a new site and could use a little “jump” start.  Check him him



Be Careful..

Go Slow Accident Area

So… I’m not sure If I want to go down there or not….

7 Thought Provoking Things from The Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster, maybe smarter than we give credit?

Lobsters are mermaids to Scorpions.
It’s weird that we cook bacon and bake cookies.
Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.
Surley if tomato is a fruid then that makes ketchup a jam.
Cookie dough is the sushi of desserts.
Onion rings are vegetable donuts.
Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake.