May 25, 2020

Table Tennis Dog

Here is a cute and funny video of a dog watching people play table tennis



Some Funny Cat Videos

Just because they don’t have thumbs don’t mean they can’t open doors.

Well, you’ve always heard cats will land on their feet, but what if they don’t want to use them?


Friday by Rebecca Black. This has been out now on the Internet for a few weeks, possibly the worst song I have ever heard. The sad thing is its so bad its funny. Enjoy, and remember “Its friday, friday gotta get down on friday”

Snake dies of silicone (implant) poisoning

Israeli model Orit Fox, a chick with gigantuon fake knockers, was performing a publicity stunt for a radio station. The publicity stunt was for Orit Fox to kiss a snake, not too dangerous right? eh. Well, the snake got really turned on and bit Orit Fox’s left fun bag and you can here one of the radio show reps panick with, “not the titty!”

That’s epic. Anyhoo, then the snake died of silicon poisoning. I am sure that Peta will be protesting outside of every world brest enhancement joint within the next 72 hours. Before the snake kicked the can, he stated, “…it was worth it.”

Watch it on Youtube: